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    Everyone has their “first tiki bar” story. There is something about tiki that grabs hold of you and won’t let go. Whether you’re discovering tiki for the first time or you have been immersed since the beginning, there is always a seat for you at the tiki bar. Sure, your stool might slowly sink beneath you. You might not understand why everyone is shouting “BANG! BANG! Two shots of rum!” But that’s why we’re here. The Search for Tiki is designed with you in mind, regardless of what brought you to it.

    We believe tiki is more than a cultural taboo. It has the ability to unite people, lift spirits and encourage the natural exploration of our diverse world. Likewise, we believe the tiki mug is more than a ceramic drinking vessel. Tiki mugs are works of art designed with the purpose of transporting you to another time or another world.

    While there are several databases designed for the curation of tiki mugs, The Search for Tiki does things a little different. Our website encourages you to explore tiki mugs by artist, by event and by location. We hope that you might find something that surprises you and reminds you why you fell in love with tiki in the first place. 

From our ohana to yours, we hope you enjoy your time spent with us in the enchanting world of tiki.

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