The Search for Adventure


Original Artwork by Atomikitty for The Search for Tiki. Tiki mug designed by The Shrunken Monkey.

    “Here is adventure. Here is romance. Here is mystery. Tropical rivers – silently flowing into the unknown. The unbelievable splendor of exotic flowers … the eerie sound of the jungle … with eyes that are always watching. This is Adventureland.” – Walt Disney

    This particular curation of tiki mugs is designed to showcase tiki mugs inspired by Walt Disney’s Adventureland. Disneyland first opened on July 17, 1955, with the famous Jungle Cruise attraction. Several rides have been introduced to Adventureland since, including Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, Tarzan’s Treehouse, and Indiana Jones Adventure.

    The following mugs depict headhunters, forbidden ruins, shrunken heads, and an assortment of other dangerous icons commonly associated with jungle exploration. When your thirst for adventure is strong and traveling to foreign countries is not an option, a drink from one of these mugs might be your next best option.