A New Wave Of Atom Bob Cocktail Mugs By Coxswain Dunsel Prepares For Detonation

Image by Coxswain Dunsel via Instagram

    The second wave of Atom Bob mugs are about to make their debut. Coxswain Dunsel has glazed up tons of new mugs, including mugs in lava, rusted turquoise, chrome, rusted chrome, mod yellow, mod coral, white sands, army green, and woodgrain colors.

   The Atom Bob mug combines the shape of an atom bomb with the face of pop culture icon Tiki Bob. It comes with a separate lid with two straw holes.

    Coxswain Dunsel, also known as Corey DeWitt, has released mugs such as Dead Man’s Wager and Gollum (Shrunk Smeagol). His first real exposure to the Tiki community, outside of Oahu, was Lei low in Houston, Texas. In addition to creating Tiki mugs, Corey sells and appraises airplanes.

    The second wave of mugs will be released Sunday, March 28, at 10:00am PST and 3:00pm EST. About twenty or so mugs will be available. Atom Bob will be available on Coxswain Dunsel’s official website.

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