Atomikitty’s Marquesan Drummer Tiki Mug Is Now Available For Preorder

Image by Tikiland Trading Co. on Facebook

    Tikiland Trading Company just announced a new Atomikitty designed Marquesan Drummer tiki mug as part of their ongoing “The Four Tikis” series! The mug is available for preorder now with an anticipated shipping date of late 2023. 

    The Marquesan Drummer tiki mug retails for $79, which includes US shipping. It was sculpted by Tom “THOR” Thordarson and measures approximately 8″ tall with a capacity of around 19 fl. oz. It is being manufactured overseas.

    Atomikitty’s Marquesan Drummer tiki mug is available for preorder through the official website of Tikiland Trading Co. For more information on upcoming mug releases, subscribe to The Search for Tiki’s digital newsletter.

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