Bosko’s Limited Edition Tiki Mug Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Kapu-Tiki Room

Image by BOSKO via their official website

    Tiki Bosko is releasing a new Tiki mug in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Kapu-Tiki Room in Escondido, California. The mug combines an Easter Island Moai style head with the traditional groaning Tiki face in Bosko’s signature style. 

    The 30th Anniversary mug is a Limited Edition of 80 pulled from a single mold. Bosko describes the mug’s glaze as “a deep dark Malachite like color.” Each of these new mugs will come with a special commemorative souvenir cocktail recipe card created by Beachbum Berry. 

    Bosko Hrnjak is a Southern California based artist whose contributions to the tiki resurgence have been significant. In addition to carving full size tiki sculptures and designing bars, Bosko is known for making high quality ceramic tiki mugs.

    The new mug will be available via Bosko’s official website today, December 13th. It is expected to go on sale at 12:00pm.

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