British Admiral Horatio Nelson Sculpt By Kevin And Jody Revealed For Strong Water Anaheim

British Admiral Horatio Nelson Sculpt By Kevin and Jody

Image by Kevin and Jody via Instagram

    Kevin and Jody recently created an “artifact” for Strong Water Anaheim that will also become one of the bar’s cocktail mugs. The artifact depicts British Admiral Horatio Nelson, who was killed by a bullet in the Battle of Trafalgar as part of Strong Water’s back story.

    The design sketch for the mug, Tappin’ the Cap’n, shows a mug lid with a straw hole. It is described as a “native interpretation of the captain’s skull with Tiki God sipping the ‘spirited’ nectar within. It has a wood carved look with faint Maori tatooing.” More story behind the mug was shared on Kevin and Jody’s official Instagram.

    Strong Water Anaheim also recently announced a return to indoor dining, which starts on Thursday, May 6, 2021. Reservations are recommended and can be made online through the official Strong Water website

    A release date for the new cocktail mug has not yet been announced, but the mug is expected to arrive this Fall. We recommend following Strong Water Anaheim on Instagram for updates on the mug as it progresses.

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