Cast Your Fishing Poles For The New Piranha Mug From The Shrunken Monkey

    The Shrunken Monkey just released their latest cocktail mug design, the piranha! It is available in multiples “species” or glaze variants, with a total edition size of 150 mugs.

    The five available glazes are named Darwin, Bruce, Slime, Rapala, and Cihtog, and each variant is limited to 30 mugs. Mugs are priced at $165 USD and purchases are limited to two per person/address. The fish are 8¼” long and can hold approximately 16 fl. oz. of freshwater.

    Piranha mugs are available for purchase now through the official website of The Shrunken Monkey. For more information on upcoming mug releases, subscribe to The Search for Tiki’s digital newsletter.

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