Celebrate Mer-May With 30% Off Mai Tai Glasses From The Search For Tiki

Image by The Search for Tiki

    For 24 hours only, save 30% on a set of Mermaid Mai Tai glasses from The Search for Tiki in celebration of Mer-May. The glasses were designed by Ken Holewczynski of House of Tabu and Exotica Moderne.

    A set of two glasses will set you back only $20.96 plus shipping until 6:00pm PDT and 9:00pm EDT on June 1st, 2022. Supporters on Patreon can get an additional 10% off when they shop using the Patreon store. After that, the glasses will go back to $29.95/set.

   Glasses can be purchased while supplies last in the official shop of The Search for Tiki. For more information on future sales, subscribe to The Search for Tiki’s digital newsletter.

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