Cobra Fang v2.0 Mug Makes Triumphant Return With Three New Glazes By Tiki Diablo

Image by Tiki Diablo via Instagram

Image by Tiki-Ti via Instagram

    A new batch of Tiki-Ti’s Cobra Fang mugs are coming in three unique glazes. The mug depicts a traditional Tiki caught in the vice grip of a cobra that is coiled around it. The head of the snake peaks out over the top of the Tiki.

    Each of these mugs have been hand crafted by Tiki Diablo in the United States. The new glazes are named “Buhen Blue”, “Blood n Sand”, and “I Love Ray”. Each glaze is a limited edition of 100 and each mug retails for $160.00. 

    Tiki Diablo is widely considered one of the best and most diversified creator of Tiki mugs. He designs, sculpts, glazes, manufactures and sells his own mugs. In addition to creating ceramics, Tiki Diablo also specializes in full venue design and decor. Each mug designed by Tiki Diablo tells a unique story, set to captivate the drinker or collector.

    The original Cobra Fang Tiki mug was sold in several different glazes including a red version back in 2015. Those were also limited editions. Cobra Fang v2.0 mugs made their first appearance back in January of this year. The new glazes will make the total number of editions in the v2.0 series six.

    Cobra Fang v2.0 mugs will be available in-person only on Saturday, March 13th between 10:00am-3:00pm at the Original Tiki Marketplace. A line is likely. The previous three glazes of this mug sold out online in less than a minute. Some mugs are being held back for online release, which will be announced at a later date. We imagine those mugs will go on sale via Tiki-Ti’s official website.

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