Cocktail Girls And Rolling Tikis Are In Black Lagoon Design’s Release Today

Image by Black Lagoon Designs on Instagram

    A few times a year Australian artist Danielle Mann releases a batch of mugs through the Black Lagoon Designs online Etsy shop. The next batch, releasing today, includes Rolling Tikis, Cocktail Dolls, Kewpie Doles, and more!

    Danielle produces and sells mugs from Brisbane, Australia, so shipping times and costs may be more than usual for those based in the United States. For more photos of what Black Lagoon Designs will have available, check out the official Instagram page.

    Historically Danielle’s mugs have sold very quickly, so we recommend setting an alarm if you are hoping to score one of her mugs. They will be available on Etsy Friday, May 20th, at 2:30pm PDT and 5:30pm EDT. For more information on upcoming mug releases, subscribe to The Search for Tiki’s digital newsletter here.

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