Coco Skull by Menehune Design Group Will Be Their Last Tiki Mug

Image by Menehune Design Group via Facebook

    After four years, the Menehune Design Group will be concluding their business by the end of 2020. Their final product launch, the Coco Skull, is about to make its debut. The new mug depicts a weathered coconut atop a pile of ominous skulls.

    The mugs were crafted by California based artist Woody Miller and will go on sale today at 10:00am PST (1:00pm EST). They will be an extremely limited edition of 50, which means snagging one may be difficult. 

    In addition to their final product launch, Menehune Design Group also has three events planned. The Woody & Heather’s Xmas Tiki Art show premiering in December, the Menehune Design Group Parking Lot Sale on October 10, and the Final Online Closing Sale.

    Woody Miller, Menehune Design Group’s resident artist, will continue creating art under how own label Woodyworld. You can follow his Instagram page here.

    Those looking to order one of the Coco Skulls will be able to do so here.

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