Creepxotica And Swami Sounds System Mug Release Show On Sale Now

Image by @thecreepycreeps on Instagram

    Tickets to the Creepxotica and Swami Sounds System Mug Release Show at the Bali Hai Restaurant are now available! The event is on Thursday, August 4th. 

    Doors open at 6:30pm for the Bali Hai Restaurant’s Creepxotica and Swami Mug Collaboration release show.  Creepxotica will take the stage at 8:00pm. No food will be served at the event, so early dining reservations are recommended. 

    The event costs $95 plus a $4 fee per person. Included in the cost of each ticket is a limited Creepxotica and Swami Collab mug. Tickets can be purchased via this link

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