Death’s Whisper Mug by Mondo Now Available in Three Glazes

Image by Mondo via their Website

    Just in time for Halloween comes Mondo’s newest cocktail mug design, Death’s Whisper! The new mug depicts two hands wearing Victorian clothing and holding a planchette, which is a heart-shaped object used to spell out messages during a seance. It is heavily influenced by both Ouija spirit boards and the Victorian age.

    Sarah Deck, the designer by Death’s Whisper, describes the mug saying “This mug design was influenced by a fascination with Victorian spiritualism and its sometimes dark aesthetic. An otherworldly moment in time where many became obsessed with reaching beyond the veil to commune with loved ones. A time where the living and the spirits of the dead were able touch through symbolism and objects. Specific flowers, animals and mementos of the dead were all used to aid in maintaining the link to the world beyond.”

    The new mug was sculpted by Tufan Sezer and manufactured by Tiki Farm. It stands roughly 8″ tall and holds a whopping 28 fl. oz. of cocktail. The coolest feature of the mug may well be the hole in the middle of the ceramic that is also common in most planchettes. 

    Death’s Whisper is available in three unique glazes: Seance by the Sea (pastel green), The Mauve Traveler (maroon), and Voices at Midnight (dark blue). All three mugs retail for $60 and are expected to ship within 3-5 business days.

    Those who would like to order a Death’s Whisper mug can do so now via Mondo’s official website.

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