Did You Miss Tiki Shark’s Don The Beachcomber Mug?

Images by Tiki Shark via their Website

    A ceramic mug by Tiki Shark is scheduled to start shipping soon and is available for preorder. It celebrates the birthday (February 22, 1907) of Don the Beachcomber, also known as Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt.

    Don the Beachcomber Tiki Mug has a golden brown color with black details and highlights in light grey or brown. The inside of the mug has a lagoon green glaze. It is a large mug with a capacity of 22 fl. oz. It stands 3″ wide and 7½” tall. 

    One side of the mug depicts Don, and the reverse side of the mug features a tiki wearing a headdress and skulls on its knees. It has long fingernails and a mouth in the shape of a sideways number eight.

Don the Beachcomber Mug by Tiki Shark Reverse Side

    Tiki Shark, also known as Brad Parker, is an American cartoonist and painter known for his tiki and low-brow art specializing in Hawaiian pop culture.

    The mug is available for preorder now and retails for $60.00. It is an open edition and shipping to Canada is an additional $50. The mug is expected to ship late September 2020. 

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