Eekum Bookum Introduces New Super Dooper Glazes of UnderTow’s Captain and Companion Tiki Mugs

Image by Eekum Bookum

    Two Tiki mugs by UnderTow, the Captain and Captain’s Companion, have just been given the Super Dooper glaze treatment by Eekum Bookum. Eekum Bookum listed five of the two-mug-sets on eBay and bidding starts at $200 per set.

    The original Captain Tiki mug was released on April 13, 2019, and feature a brown glaze with a black wash. It is a Limited Edition of 300. Designed by Doug Horne and sculpted by Patrick Vassar, the Captain depicts a sea captain kneeling on a rum barrel while looking through an antique telescope.

    Captain’s Companion was released more recently on July 16, 2020 and retailed for $175. The Tiki mug depicts a dodo bird standing over a rum crate, some rum bottles, and glass floats. 

    The new versions of both Tiki mugs feature an elaborate and hand painted glaze more realistic to real life. Both mugs are Limited Editions of five. 

    Eekum Bookum is a mug manufacturer headed by John Mulder out of a studio in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Its mugs are hand produced. Eekum Bookum is famous for producing highly detailed and creative mugs for some of the world’s largest Tiki events such as The Hukilau, Tiki Caliente and Tiki Oasis. It also manufactures tiki mugs for bars and it produces its own line of Tiki mugs under the label Mulder142.

    Those looking to place a bid can do so on eBay by locating seller mulder142. If you have less than 10 bids on your eBay account history you will need to message Eekum Bookum in advance of your bid or your bid will automatically be cancelled. This is likely due to fraudulant accounts placing high bids and/or flipping mugs for resale. 

    What do you think of the new Super Dooper glazes by Eekum Bookum?

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