Eekum Bookum Puts New Spin On Rum Barrel With Barbecue Smoker Cocktail Mug For Dr. BBQ

Image by Eekum Bookum via Facebook

    Dr. BBQ in St. Petersburg, Florida, has a new cocktail mug coming next week from John Mulder and the team at Eekum Bookum. The mug depicts some ribs and a steak being cooked in a barbecue smoker, with various tropical elements added around the base of the smoker, such as a pineapple, ukulele, and bamboo.

    “Smokin’ Butts Dr. BBQ Since 1982” is written on the back of the new mug, just behind the drinking hole. “Florida” is also written on the smoke stack. Each mug has a marbled brown glaze with red and orange accents for the fire and meat. Additional elements include rum, beer, and Mulder’s signature number “142”. Eekum Bookum recently shared a video of the mug on Facebook.

    Eekum Bookum is a mug manufacturer based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Its mugs are hand produced. Eekum Bookum is famous for producing highly detailed and creative mugs for some of the world’s largest Tiki events such as The Hukilau, Tiki Caliente and Tiki Oasis. It also manufactures Tiki mugs for bars and it produces its own line of Tiki mugs under the label Mulder142.

    The new mug will be released next Thursday, May 13. Edition size and pricing has not yet been announced, but we imagine mug sales will be limited to one per person. Are you excited for Eekum Bookum’s newest mug?


3 Comments Eekum Bookum Puts New Spin On Rum Barrel With Barbecue Smoker Cocktail Mug For Dr. BBQ

  1. Okay….I don’t know if I actually want to own one of these (because it might not go with my overall tiki mug collection) but…..that is a beautifully done piece !

  2. It’s definitely different! I really like this mug. Fun spin on Barbecue and Tiki.

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