Tiki Bobcat Official Shipping Update; Last Mugs Added To Shop

Image by The Search for Tiki

    The Search for Tiki’s latest mug is now shipping! It may take several weeks for all orders to be fulfilled, but the first few mugs are already on the way to their new homes.

    Tiki Bobcat is a frisky feline that spotted a hollowed out tree trunk too small for its body, so of course it had to crawl inside. If only the cat’s butt wasn’t too big to fit! Tiki Bobcat was designed by Kymm Bang, hand sculpted by Dave “Squid” Cohen, and manufactured by Munktiki Imports exclusively for The Search for Tiki. It is the second mug in the “Cats vs Tiki Icons” series.

    The last remaining Tiki Bobcat mugs have been added to The Search for Tiki’s shop and can be purchased here. Each mug comes with a reusable glass cocktail straw from Surfside Sips to help you enjoy the mug while protecting the earth and reducing the use of single use plastics!

    Mugs are being shipped by order of order placed, so any new orders will ship after the preorders have been fulfilled. Similar to The Search for Tiki’s Bad Kitty mug, Tiki Bobcat is limited to 500 mugs and no additional mugs will be made in this edition.

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