Haka Warrior Mugs From Haven Cove Customs Will Be Timed Editions

Image by Haven Cove Customs on Instagram

    Haven Cove Customs has announced that their new Haka Warrior mugs will be released as timed editions. This means the final edition size of the mugs will be determined by the number of preorders made within a 72 hour preorder window.

    The Haka Warrior mug depicts a squatting man with bulging muscles. He is wearing a mask that resembles a tiki face with an exaggerated frown and bulging eyes. It will be available in a variety of different colors and glazes.

    The new mugs go on sale this Friday, March 18th at 5:00pm PDT and 8:00pm EDT and they will be available for purchase through Sunday, March 20th at the same time. Mugs will likely range in price depending on glaze from $120 to $140 each. When they go on sale, mugs can be purchased through the official website of Haven Cove Customs.

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