Highly Anticipated Kraken’s Toast Mug Designed By Brian Kesinger For Tikiland Trading Co. On Sale

Images by Tikiland Trading Co. via Facebook

    Kraken’s Toast, an exciting new mug designed by Brian Kesinger, was first announced by Tikiland Trading Co. in October of last year. Now the mug is available for preorder. It depicts a Kraken tentacle wrapped around a rum barrel.

    Tikiland Trading Co. describes the story behind their latest mug design as “Legend speaks of a monstrous creature who lurks in the depths of the sea. For centuries this beast has haunted many a sailor’s nightmares but we now know that it’s just been misunderstood. The ocean can be a solitary place and the Mighty Kraken just wants somebody to share a drink with! The problem is; it’s a little clingy. His quest for companionship is often misconstrued as nothing more than vicious attacks.”

    Kraken’s Toast was 3D sculpted by THOR and it is being produced in another country. The mug retails for $59. A metal Crow’s Nest Mast swizzle stick can be purchased with the mug for an additional $15, for a total of $74.

    Kraken’s Toast is available for preorder now through the official Tikiland Trading Co. website. Initial orders are expected to ship by March 2022, but orders placed after August 28 may ship on a later date after a second wave of production.

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