Hurry Back by Tiki tOny

Concept Art for Tiki Tony's Hurry Back Mug Featuring the Bride from Haunted Mansion

Image by Tikiland Trading Co. via their Website

    Here comes the bride! Tiki tOny’s newest mug, Hurry Back, features a bride very similar to the bride found in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion theme park attraction, only this bride’s dress is enhanced with a tapa pattern. The back of this mug will feature an ax, hinting at the bride’s sinister intentions. Glazed accents will help it “glow”.

    This mug will be made out of porcelain and is expected to ship sometime in the Fall of this year (2020). It will likely be similiar in feel and weight to Tiki tOny’s previously released Mermaid mug. No sculpt has officially been revealed yet and the design is subject to change. The edition size of this mug has not been announced and will likely be determined by the number of preorders sold.

    Those looking to preorder the Hurry Back tiki mug can do so now on  Tikiland Trading Co.’s website for $79 (includes US shipping). The price will go up to $95 at an undisclosed date. You can also bundle your preorder with Jeff Granito’s Calling All Spirits mug for a total of $199.

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