Jungle Modern Ceramics To Vend At Central California Tiki Marketplace

    Michael Sbicca of Jungle Modern Ceramics is hitting the road with a fresh batch of tiki mugs! Join him on Saturday, March 11 at the Central California Tiki Marketplace at Tiki-Ko in Bakersfield, California. Vending starts at 10:00am and goes until 4:00pm (while supplies last).

    This will be Michael’s third live event since November 2019, and he has revived several designs that have not been available recently:

  • Kaitiaki – $300
  • Kovave/Duk-Duk – $175
  • Birdman IV – $150
  • Hammerhead Shark Koru Coconuts – $135
  • Floral Tapa Coconuts – Colored ($100)  and Brown ($70)

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