Limited Edition Birdman Mug By Lost Temple Traders And Monkey Skull Is Preparing To Take Flight

Image by Lost Temple Traders via Facebook

    The latest collaboration between Lost Temple Traders and Patrick Vassar of Monkey Skull is nearly here. The Birdman mug is “rooted in the idea that a flock of talking birds might inspire festive and celebratory adornments from local tribes.”

   The highly anticipated mug depicts a standing warrior wearing a necklace and an elaborate mask shaped like the face of a bird. The mask features several different hand painted colors including white, yellow, blue, and red.

    Lost Temple Traders, founded in 2019, sells both limited edition Tiki mugs and collectible pins. Their products feature iconic images from adventure stories, including traveling headhunters and camp raiding monkeys.

    Birdman goes on sale this Friday, October 1, at 9:00am PDT and 12:00pm EDT. Each mug has been handmade in the United States and will retail for $165 with domestic shipping included. It will be available through the official website of Lost Temple Traders.

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