Mermaid Cocktail Mugs by Black Lagoon Designs Available This Weekend

Image by Black Lagoon Designs via Facebook

    Danielle Mann is known for her colorful small batch ceramic Tiki mugs and her newest mermaid cocktail mug is no exception. Danielle, also known by her business name of Black Lagoon Designs, announced that the first batch (catch?) of her new mugs will be available for purchase Saturday at 7:00am (Brisbane Australia Time), which is 4:00pm EST.

    In typical Black Lagoon Designs fashion, each mug features its own beautiful and unique colors. The women featured on the mugs have various hair colors, including pink, purple, blue, and red, with clamshell bras and folded mermaid tails. At least seven different glazes have been revealed.

    Previous releases by Black Lagoon Designs have sold out quickly, so we recommend following Black Lagoon Designs on Instagram for updates. Pricing has not yet been announced. In the meantime, you might want to set-up your autofill for quick payment checkout.

     Those unfamiliar with Black Lagoon Designs should know they offer hand built ceramics based out of Brisbane, Australia, so shipping times may be extended. Which glaze of Danielle’s new mug design do you prefer?


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