Mookie Sato’s Second Edition Blue Dress Anela Mug On Sale Wednesday

Image by Mookie Sato on Instagram

    If you missed the first edition of Mookie Sato’s Anela mug, you’ve got a second chance! Mookie’s distinctive art style translates beautifully into ceramics. He is well known for his illustration and graphic design of tiki culture and Mid-century Modern art. Anela is a character from Mookie’s World of Puuwai, a picture book that even adults want to read.

    The second edition of the Anela mug has a blue dress and only 50 mugs are being produced at this time, although the edition may be expanded at a later date. She stands just over 5½” tall and retails for $110. The mug will be available for purchase on Wednesday, May 31st at 9:00pm PDT through the official website of Mookie Sato.

    For more information on Mookie’s projects, follow Mookie Sato on Instagram. You can also subscribe to The Search for Tiki’s digital newsletter here for news on upcoming mug releases.

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