New The Shape Variant of Mondo’s Halloween Mug; Alamo Brown Back in Stock

Image by Mondo via their website

    Yesterday Mondo announced a new glaze for its popular Halloween tiki mug called The Shape. The mug comes with a removable pumpkin lid and three Slasher swizzle sticks. It is expected to start shipping this month, October, 2020.

    The new glaze is a matte orange with a black wipe. The pumpkin-shaped tiki mug is inspired by the movie Halloween and depicts Michael Myers on its back. Halloween stands 5″ tall and holds approximately 17 fl. oz. It was created by a collaboration of artists including Kristin Rousseau, Mike Bonanno, and Tufan Sezer. Tiki Farm produced the mug.

    Mondo is an American design company that is famous for its limited edition tiki mugs, collectibles and screen printed posters. It was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Many of the tiki mugs Mondo has produced over the years feature prominent characters from some of the world’s biggest films and television series and they are working on an ongoing designer artist series of mugs.

     The Shape Variant of Mondo’s Halloween tiki mug retails for $55 and is available now via the official Mondo website. The Alamo Brown variant of this mug has also been restocked and costs $5 less.

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