Oceanic Tiki Mug By House Of Tabu Will Be Available For Purchase Online October 2nd

Image by House of Tabu

    If Don Draper ever owned a Tiki mug, this would have to be it. House of Tabu is excited to announce their Oceanic Tiki mug will be available for purchase online this Saturday, October 2nd. Hand sculpted by Ken Holewczynski and produced in the United States, this mug features mid-mod shapes and contours set in a geometric form.

    While best suited for your favorite rum concoctions, the Oceanic Tiki Mug can also hold an ample amount of Canadian Club. The mug is primarily glazed in shades of brown, but interior glazes will be varied in chartreuse, coral, and pale blue. 

        The Oceanic Tiki mug will join the ranks of Tut, Tut, Drink Up and Nefertiki, both of which were also released by House of Tabu. Founded in 2017, House of Tabu painstakingly designs and creates mysterious mugs and fanciful glassware alluding to faraway lands.

    House of Tabu’s newest mug will be available for purchase online starting at 11:00am PDT and 2:00pm EDT this Saturday, October 2nd. Mugs can be purchased through the official website of House of Tabu.

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