Peekaboo Gallery Announces Cannibal Post Mug Goes On Sale Monday

Image by Peekaboo Gallery on Instagram

    The new cocktail mug from Peekaboo Gallery is based on a carving created by Oceanic Arts for Don the Beachcomber in Las Vegas, Nevada! Master carvers LeRoy Schmaltz and Ed Crissman created a series of posts for the restaurant and this mug is inspired by one of those posts.

    The mug version of the “Cannibal Post” was designed by Jordan Reichek, who also wrote the book Oceanic Arts: The Godfathers of Tiki. The mug was manufactured overseas by Munktiki Imports and it will be available in two glazes including OA Catalog Brown and Oceanic Seaform.

    The Cannibal Post tiki mug officially goes on sale Monday, August 29th at 6:00pm PDT and 9:00pm EDT. The official website of Peekaboo Gallery can be seen here.

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