Pick Your Poison With The Latest Online Tiki Mug Sale From Biggs Tiki Saturday, March 6

Image by Biggs Tiki via Instagram

    Biggs Tiki is releasing several new items on his website, including the 2nd Edition of his Aku Aku tiki mugs featuring a Moai head. Some very limited matte black versions will be available as well, with colorful and hand painted accents. Mike Biggs is also selling pipes.

    The Aku Aku mugs available in the Pick Your Poison sale feature weathered Moai heads that have cracked and deteriorated over the years. The second edition has a glossy grey glaze with a black interior. “Aku Aku Las Vegas” is written on the back of the mugs. Only four of the super limited matte black versions will be available.

    Biggs Tiki creates original ceramic tiki mugs with a love for fantasy, sci-fi, horror, low brow humor, and nerd culture. It is the creative brain child of Mike Biggs, who has experience as a freelance graphic design artist as a tattoo artist.

    The sale starts today, March 6, at 1:00pm PST and 4:00pm EST. Mugs and pipes will be available on the official website of Biggs Tiki. Mike’s mugs always sell out quickly, so we recommend setting an alarm if you are interested in purchasing one.

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