Pomoaika’i Chalice From Trader Vic’s Named After Hawaiian Word For Good Fortune & Blessedness

Image by Trader Vic’s via their Official Website

    The newest Tiki chalice from Trader Vic’s was named by their good friend in Hawaii after the Hawaiian word for Good Fortune and Blessedness. Pomoaika’i Chalice depicts a straining Tiki struggling to hold up a giant bowl.

    “Trader Vic’s” is is written on the front base of Pomoaika’i Chalice. The mug features a glossy brown exterior with an orange interior glaze. Flowers and vine accents climb the back of this mug and it holds approximately 18 fl. oz.

    Each chalice retails for $47. Trader Vic’s has several bowls for sale as well, including their Conch Shell Bowl and their Rum Barrel Bowl.

    Those looking to order the Pomoaika’i Chalice Tiki mug can do so now via Trader Vic’s official website. It is also available for purchase now at Trader Vic’s Emeryville.

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