Puka Pounder by Vantiki

Puka Pounder Tiki Mug by Vantiki

Image by Vantiki via Instagram

    The wait is over! If you’ve been following Vantiki’s Tiki Technical Tuesday videos on Instagram and YouTube, there is a good chance you’ve seen or heard about Vantiki’s Puka Pounder. He has been chronicling the tiki mug from design to production over the last several weeks.

    The Puka Pounder is Vantiki’s second mug in a series of puka pounders inspired by artifacts found in The Bishop Museum. The traditional tool was used by ancient Hawaiians to grind taro plant into poi for consumption. 

    The mug will have a capacity of around 10 fl. oz. and will stand 6.5″ wide and 5.5″ tall. The edition size is limited to no more than 250 mugs and will retail for $105. Once the mugs have been cast, Vantiki destroys the molds. If you want to secure yourself one of these mugs, we strongly recommend signing online at 12:oopm PDT on Saturday, April 4th, as these mugs will sell out fast. The mugs will be available on Vantiki’s website. Vantiki often reserves some mugs for breakages, but additional sales are not guaranteed.

    More of Vantiki’s work can be viewed here.


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