Santa King Ta Moko Tiki Mug 2020 Edition Announced By Esotico Miami

Image by Esotico Miami via their Website

    You know Christmas is on the way when Esotico Miami releases a new Santa-themed version of their King Ta Moko Tiki mug! John Mulder of Eekum Bookum has teamed up once again with Esotico Miami for the new 2020 Santa King version. It depicts the bust of Elvis Presley with Ta Moko face tattoos.

    The new glaze has Elvis wearing a red Santa suit shirt adorned with festive holly. A fluffy white collar adds some extra Christmas flair to the glaze.

    The 1st, 3rd, and 4th editions of the mug came in various colors, but the 2nd edition of this mug was Christmas themed. This is the second Christmas version of the King released by Esotico.

    Santa King Ta Moko retails for $130 (discounted $20 as a Black Friday special) and measures approximately 4¾” wide x 4½” deep x 7½” tall. Previous editions have weighed around 1½ lbs. The mug is available for pre-order now through the official Esotico Miami store.

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