Shima Ceramics Adds Several New Glazes Of Its Cthulhu Idol Mug To Online Shop

Image by Shima Ceramics via Instagram

    Shima Ceramics is well known for its Cthulhu Idol mug, which was released several years ago and has since sold out. However Cthulhu is officially back in stock in several new glazes, including blue, green, and white versions.

    The Cthulhu Idol mug is based on the H. P. Lovecraft horror icon typically depicted with a face made of tentacles. The cosmic entity first appeared in a short story published in 1928 named “The Call of Cthulhu.”  Chris Shima’s latest ceramic depiction of the horror icon comes in They Came From The Stars Blue, The Colour Out Of Space Green, and Placid Island of Ignorance White glazes.

    Each mug retails for $74 and holds approximately 18 fl. oz. of liquid fear. They are listed as open editions. All Shima Ceramic mugs are made in Port Costa, California. 

    Cthulhu Idol mugs are now available for purchase through the official Shima Ceramics website. Shipping within the United States is free and mugs are unnumbered. Which glaze is your favorite?

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