Smuggler’s Cove Fall 2020 Tiki Mug Release Calendar Previewed

Image by Smuggler’s Cove via Facebook

    Smuggler’s Cove recently previewed their Fall 2020 Tiki Mug release schedule via social media and it looks like they’ve been busy. Not much information has been released yet, but we know they have partnered with Tiki Diablo, Shima Ceramics, and Tiki tOny/Tikiland Trading Co. for some new mug releases.

    Tiki Diablo is widely considered one of the best and most diversified creator of tiki mugs. He designs, sculpts, glazes, manufactures and sells his own mugs. In addition to creating ceramics, Tiki Diablo also specializes in full venue design and decor. Each mug designed by Tiki Diablo tells a unique story, set to captivate the drinker or collector.

    Shima Ceramics is a ceramic company headed by Chris Shima, who creates deviant oddities by hand in Port Costa, California. He has created shrunken skulls, scorpion bowls, Cthulhu idols, and even a Tiki-Gorgon of monster proportions.

    Tiki tOny is a well known artist who designs tiki mugs out of his beachcomber shack in partnership with Tikiland Trading Co. He organizes the Adventureland Day event at Disneyland and he also organizes charity events featuring his famous Adventureland Rover.

    We recommend following Smuggler’s Cove on Instagram for updates on their upcoming Tiki mugs. 

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