Sorcerer Mickey by Mondo

New Glaze Variants of the Mickey Tiki Mug by Mondo

Image by Mondo via their Website

    But wait, there’s more! If you held off on pre-ordering the new Sorcerer Mickey tiki mug from Mondo, four additional glaze variants have been announced.

    The new Sorcerer Mickey comes in Aether (metallic), Elemental (blue), Fortune (jade green) and Alamo (brown) variants. Either 300 or 400 of each variant will be produced and each retails for $75, which is $5 less than the original glaze. The mugs stand 11.5″ tall and hold up to 22 fl. oz. of your favorite Disney inspired cocktail. You can purchase the mugs here.

   The original mug has started shipping to customers who preordered it and the reviews are mixed. While Thor’s sculpt is (as always) top notch, several customers have reported and posted photos of their mug arriving with a white nose and many more customers have shared video of their mugs arriving broken. While this would certainly be disappointing, we are confident Mondo will take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

    It is worth noting that Mondo’s tiki mugs are officially licensed by Disney and thus have the official Disney seal of approval. Which of the four new glazes will you be purchasing? Sound off in the comments below!

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