Sorrow Drowner Will Have Three New Mugs Available On Opening Day

Images by Trader Brandon on Instagram

    The Sorrow Drowner is an immersive bar experience coming to Wilmington, North Carolina. Three new mugs for the bar were recently revealed during a presentation at Inuhele. Each mug is being manufactured by Munktiki Imports.

    The first mug “Mokupuni Luku” was designed by @plasticvampireart on Instagram and it is the closest of the three mugs to a tiki. The groaning figure stands surrounded by a base of skulls.

    Trader Brandon designed a fogcutter shaped mug depicting a map of the world. “Uncharted Territory” has a band around it’s middle with the skull logo of Sorrow Drowner.

    The third mug coming to North Carolina’s new bar will be the “Shrouded Artifact” which is shaped like a skull resting on the lower of two stacked crates.

    Which of the Sorrow Drowner’s mugs are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below! More information on the Sorrow Drowner can be found on its official website.

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