Squid Launches New Online Shop With Custom, One-Of-A-Kind Mugs

Images by Squid

    Squid has just launched his shop at squidart.com where you’ll find
small-batch, one-of-a-kind tiki mugs and bowls. Each mug is hand-crafted
from original design/sculpting, to casting, glazing and firing. And each
one is a completely unique custom work of art with a maximum run of 50
pieces. Get in now and grab a Crusty Cranium mug, Brazen Marquesan mug,
or Death by Rum bowl!

Death By Rum Bowl

    Obviously some old pirate had an unaddressed drinking problem but who are we to judge? Now you can drink in moderation from the recovered ocean wreckage!

Crusty Cranium Mug

    Squid has lost his fool head again and this time it’s landed upside down. Good thing for you because that’s exactly how cocktails are to be consumed from it.

Brazen Marquesan Mug

    The Brazen Marquesan was nearly lost to history until this family of idols was discovered in a Pacific Northwest kiln in 2023. Squid’s rare find is now available for all! Each Brazen Marquesan is cast in durable stoneware and customized to be completely unique, never to be duplicated.

    Ready to shop? Click here for Squid’s new online store.

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