Surf Gasser Tiki Mug By Tiki Farm And Derek Yaniger Features Surf-Crazed Gearhead

Image by Tiki Farm via their Official Website

    Tiki Farm has revealed a new tiki mug collaboration with artist Derek Yaniger. The Surf Gasser tiki mug depicts a beach bum beast in a mad dash to the sea to surf some big waves. Fish bones, a necklace, and a surfboard are also included on the sculpt of this mug.

    The new mug is available in two unique glazes including an orange/red Sunset glaze and a tan glaze with a brown wash. Each mug holds 21 fluid ounces of cocktail and stands about 6¾” tall.

    The Legend of the Surf Gasser by Derek Yaniger goes “From the very moment he was hatched, Surf Gasser was a Surf-Crazed Gearhead! A single-minded Beach Bum Beast, who, in his crazed pursuit of surf, will shut down all gremmies who dare try to drop in on his wave! Hodads beware! Surf Gasser will shut you down! Surf Gasser prays for surf every night and every day in the hope that Kaha Huna will send monster waves his way! And when he’s not makin’ with the Quasimodo bit, He’s hiding out in his beach shack gassin’ up his Woody Wagon for the next day’s Surfari!”

     Tiki Farm is the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of custom ceramic drinking mugs and barware products.

    The Surf Gasser tiki mugs are available for purchase now on the official Tiki Farm website. Each mug retails for $28.

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