Test Glaze Revealed For Lost Temple Traders’ Repellant Charge Sculpted By Dave “Squid” Cohen

Image by Lost Temple Traders via Facebook

    The highly anticipated Repellant Charge mug from master sculptor Squid has a glaze! In celebration of National Submarine Day, Lost Temple Traders revealed the test glaze through their Instagram. The mug depicts a sunken submarine underneath a gigantic sea monster.

    Repellant Charge is being produced by Tiki Bauer in the United States. The test glaze features multiple colors with a purple squid, greyish submarine, and tan accents. It is expected to go on sale next month.

    Squid, also known as Dave Cohen, is a sculptor of Tiki mugs, an illustrator, a type designer, and a musician. He has sculpted over 200 mugs.

    Bauer Pottery, also known as Tiki Bauer, was founded in Kentucky, but is now based out of Los Angeles, California. They produce a variety of ceramics, including Tiki mugs, dinnerwear and petware. Their foray into Tiki mugs began in December of 2007 with the introduction of several mugs, such as Surfer Girl, Big Mouth and Two Face. Once the large demand for their mugs had been determined, Bauer Pottery released several designs in limited runs on their website.

    Are you excited a squid-inspired mug is finally materializing by artist Squid?

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