The Next “Cats Vs Tiki Icons” Mug Will Be Announced By The Search For Tiki On Monday

Cats vs Tiki Icons is a series of tiki mugs being released by The Search for Tiki.

    Now that the Bad Kitty tiki mug has finished production and is on route to The Search for Tiki, they will be announcing the second mug in their “Cats vs Tiki Icons” series! The mug will be revealed on Monday, November 22.

    The first mug in the series, the sold out Bad Kitty, is a naughty cat defiling a classic Bumatay style carving with its claws. What will the second mug be?

    The new mug will be available for preorder one on Wednesday, November 24. It went into full production months ago, so the wait time will be significantly less than it was for Bad Kitty. As a thank you to those who preordered a Bad Kitty, The Search for Tiki is offering a 10% off coupon for their new mug (send them an email at with your order number if you haven’t received your coupon code!)

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