The Search for Tiki Adds Ability To Browse Mugs Specifically Inspired By Oceanic Arts

Image by The Search for Tiki

    Are you a traditionalist tiki mug collector? If so, the search for tiki is now easier than ever. We created a separate page on our website curating mugs that specifically focus on or are inspired by oceanic arts. Even better, it is easily accessible from our home page!
    We’ll continue to share updates on ALL our favorite cocktail mugs, including horror-themed mugs and Mid Century Modern mugs. We’re just giving our followers more options.
    NOTE: As with any new site feature, if you have visited the website recently you may need to clear your cache for the new page to display properly. Otherwise if you wait a few days your internet browser should update the changes on its own. If you’re seeing “non tiki mugs” on the new page, your cache likely needs to be cleared.
    Do you agree with our mug choices for this list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! View the new page here.
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