There’s A New Greedy Pirate Mug On The Horizon From Shrunken Monkey

Image by The Shrunken Monkey on Instagram

        Out-of-staters who saw the first ten Greedy Pirate mugs debut at Inuhele’s Trading Post earlier this year will be excited to hear The Shrunken Monkey has announced a sale date for the remaining mugs.

    The Greedy Pirate will go on sale online this Sunday, March 20th, at 5:00pm PDT and 8:00pm EDT through the official website of Shrunken Monkey. The mug depicts a human skull wearing a brilliant red bandana and a classic pirate hat. It was designed and manufactured in the United States with a sculpt by Tanner Perks.

    Each mug holds approximately 16 fl. oz. of cocktail and will come with a resin base custom fit to help display the mug. Greedy Pirates will retail for $185 plus shipping and only 140 mugs will be available.

    For additional information on new mug releases follow The Shrunken Monkey on Instagram and subscribe to The Search for Tiki’s digital newsletter.

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