THOR And Tikiland Trading Co. Announce Three New Shirts Featuring Idols And Shrunken Heads

Images by Tikiland Trading Co. via their Website

    Tikiland Trading Co. has collaborated with THOR, also known as Tom Thordarson, on three new shirts “Eye of the Idol”, “Shrunken Head”, and “Relic of Fire.” All three unisex shirts are expected to ship in June and are designed in a style similar to black velvet paintings.

     Eye of the Idol depicts a standing Tiki covered in jungle vines in contrasting blue and green colors. Relic of Fire also depicts a standing Tiki, but it is designed in a Marquesan style and the Tiki is playing a drum. The Shrunken Head shirt is depicted in blue and orange and features several lip piercings. All the shirts are screen printed on 100% cotton.

    THOR is a man of many talents. In addition to bringing to life some of the world’s best theme park attractions, he also creates elaborate paintings and designs Tiki mugs. His art style is rich in narrative and distinctive.

    Tikiland Trading Co.’s newest line of shirts is available for preorder now via their official website. Each shirt retails for $28.

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