Tiki Bobcat Mug Designed By Kymm Bang Will Be Available For Preorder Starting Wednesday, 11/24

Images of the Tiki Bobcat mug are by The Search for Tiki

   Looking to preorder? Purchase your Tiki Bobcat using this link!

    Introducing Tiki Bobcat! This frisky feline spotted a hollowed out tree trunk too small for its body, so of course it had to crawl inside. If only the cat’s butt wasn’t too big to fit!

    When Kymm Bang proposed Tiki Bobcat to us, we couldn’t stop laughing! Can you imagine inviting friends over to your bar for a fancy cocktail and serving them a drink out of a mug shaped like a cat butt? What a way to spark conversation!

     Although the original Tiki Bob’s location in San Francisco is now closed, the mascot itself has been lovingly restored. It presides over the door of a cafe. Since it’s creation, Tiki Bob has been reinterpreted by numerous artists in increasingly unique and original ways. The Search for Tiki is excited to release it’s own interpretation of the pop culture icon!

    Tiki Bobcat will be available for preorder starting this Wednesday, November 24, at 10:00am PST and 1:00pm EST. It is a limited edition mug of 500 that holds 16 fluid ounces. From base to tail, the mug stands approximately 8½” tall and is about 4½” wide. Designed by Kymm Bang, hand sculpted by Dave “Squid” Cohen, and produced by Munktiki Imports exclusively for The Search for Tiki. Each mug retails for $59.99 plus s/h. We ask that households limit purchases to no more than two mugs and we reserve the right to cancel any order.

    When will it ship? The Search for Tiki started working on Tiki Bobcat back in January of this year and it went into full production several months ago. Production should be completed soon, but there are significant backups at the border for incoming shipments. For this reason, we are estimating the delivery date as Spring 2022. It is quite possible the mug could ship before then, but if ceramics have taught us anything it is to edge on the side of caution.

    Bad Kitty, the first mug in The Search for Tiki’s “Cats vs Tiki Icons” series, has sold out. Don’t miss out on Tiki Bobcat too! For those who preordered Bad Kitty, your 10% off coupon code can be applied toward a Tiki Bobcat preorder. If you did not receive your coupon, please send us a pm with your order number and we will send the coupon code to you!

    Are you excited for Tiki Bobcat? Let us know in the comments!


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