Beachcomber Bombardier – Tikiland Trading Co. – Open Edition

Beachcomber Bombardier – Tikiland Trading Co. – Open Edition

Date of Release: June, 2021 (Presale started March 27, 2020)

Edition: Open Edition

Edition Size: Open

Designed By: Tiki tOny

Sculpted By: THOR

Manufactured By: Unknown

Country of Origin: China

Location Sold: Tikiland Trading Co.

Original Price: $69 Initially (Raised to $95 by Tikiland Trading Co.)


This ceramic cocktail mug depicts a helmet fashioned from coconuts and driftwood. It is an unofficial artistic interpretation of a helmet featured in the 1991 Walter Disney Pictures film The Rocketeer.

Color: Wood finish glaze with hand glazed touches of cream glaze

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Helmet

Dimensions: 4½” wide x 6″ long x 6″ tall


Capacity Size: 36 fl. oz.

Unique Markings: “Tiki Tony Tikiland Trading Co.” is written on the bottom of this mug.

Original Price: $69 Initially ($95)

Typically Served With: 

Special Notes: 


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