Lost Leatherneck Skull Mug – Eekum Bookum – 1st Edition

Lost Leatherneck Skull Mug – Eekum Bookum – 1st Edition

Date of Release: July 3, 2021

Edition: 1st Edition

Edition Size: 

Designed By: John Mulder of Eekum Bookum

Sculpted By: John Mulder of Eekum Bookum

Manufactured By: Eekum Bookum

Country of Origin: United States (FL)

Location Sold: Eekum Bookum

Original Price: $135


This ceramic cocktail mug depicts the skull of a fallen marine in the south pacific. The opening for the mug is the mouth of the skull.

From Eekum Bookum:

“When John originally designed the mug, the goal was to reimagine the classic skull mug in a way that he had not seen done before. He also wanted to pay tribute to the men and women of the Armed Forces that have given the ultimate sacrifice to our country. As many of you know, John is a combat veteran and MIA/POW issues are something that’s near and dear to many of our hearts. There are still 71,000 Americans unaccounted for from World War II alone.

Leatherneck is a military slang term for a member of the United States Marine Corps.

We named this mug the Lost Leatherneck of the South Pacific for the Marines that were lost during World War II in the South Pacific. We wanted to release the mug on Memorial Day but time got away from us…. so instead we’re going to release it on the Fourth of July. While you’re out there enjoying yourself with a delicious Tiki drink in your hand, remember that freedom isn’t free and hoist a toast to the men women who gave it all.

The mug is a skull laying on its back half buried in the sand. The dog tags read Leroy J Salisbury-US Marine Corps, a tribute to Janet’s Dad who served in the South Pacific during World War II as a marine infantry man. Her Dad rarely talked about the details of the war until about a year before he died. He shared some of the horrors he had lived though and shared the night terrors that continued to plague his sleep for over 70 years. He died 2 years ago, just short of his 95th birthday.”

Color: Tan, brown, and black

Material: Ceramic with dog tags

Shape: Skull

Dimensions: 4½” wide x 6½ long x 5″ tall


Capacity Size: 14 fl. oz.

Unique Markings: “The Lost Leatherneck” is written on the front of this mug, “of the South Pacific” is written on the side of this mug, and “Eekum Bookum USA SPFL Mulder142” is written on the bottom of this mug, along with an edition number. There is also writing on the two dog tags attached to this mug.

Typically Served With: Grog

Special Notes: 

Average Value = $ 135.00
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Pricing History

Average Value = $ 135.00

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