Mod Bob – Odd Rodney – 1st Edition

Mod Bob – Odd Rodney – 1st Edition

Date of Release: August 12, 2019

Edition: 1st Edition

Edition Size: 50 (20 with matching ceramic pendant)

Designed By: Odd Rodney

Sculpted By: Ceramics by Carol

Manufactured By: Ceramics by Carol

Location Sold: Odd Rodney


Mod Bob is a Mid-century Modern minimalist version of Tiki Bob. Carol Gravem (Ceramics by Carol) approached Odd Rodney in 2019 about turning one of his pendant designs into a mug. Carol originally sculpted and handmade the mug. The first edition created by Carol was limited to 50 pieces, 20 of which were sold with a matching ceramic pendant of the same design at Tiki Oasis in San Diego. The second edition is made by Odd Rodney using the same mold, clay slip, and glazes, but the glaze on the bottom of the mug is rubbed off to distinguish between the two versions.

Color: Brown/bronze outer glaze with pistachio green inner glaze

Material: Stoneware

Shape: Round



Capacity Size: 

Unique Markings: “MOD BOB” is written on the back of this mug and “Odd Rodney Carol” is written on the bottom of this mug.

Original Price: $100

Typically Served With: Mai Tai

Special Notes: As of April, 2020, these mugs are produced by Odd Rodney.

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Average Value = $ 100.00

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