Mouth of the Serpent – Mondo – 1st Edition

Mouth of the Serpent – Mondo – 1st Edition

Date of Release: February 27, 2020

Edition: 1st Edition

Edition Size: 

Designed By: Urban Aztec

Sculpted By: Tufan Sezer

Manufactured By: Mondo

Location Sold: Mondo


This 1st edition tiki mug features the head of a skull in the mouth of a serpent.

Color: Turquoise and brown

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Skull


Capacity Size: 24 ounces

Unique Markings: 

Original Price: $25.00

Typically Served With:

Special Notes: The designer of this mug, Jesse Hernadez, says this about the design: “Journey to the center of your soul through the Mouth of the Serpent. Quetzalcoatl the Feathered serpent is depicted opening his mouth to reveal the skull of Mictlantehcuhtli the Aztec god of the dead. This design symbolizes a common theme among the Aztec, the duality of life and death, one cannot exist without the other.”

Average Value = $ 25.00
(A more detailed history of average value is listed under the “Pricing History” tab above)

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Pricing History

Average Value = $ 25.00

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