Rum Cat – Doug Horne – 1st Edition

Rum Cat – Doug Horne – 1st Edition

Date of Release: March 14, 2020

Edition: 1st Edition

Edition Size: 150

Designed By: Doug Horne

Sculpted By: John Mulder at Eekum Bookum

Manufactured By: John Mulder at Eekum Bookum

Country of Origin: United States (FL)

Location Sold: The Bamboo Club

Original Price: $150


This ceramic cocktail mug depicts Hooch the cat relaxing in a weathered rum crate while wearing a miniature fez. The crate is accented with a laminated label featuring the art of Doug Horne.

The story of Hooch the Rum Cat by Doug Horne goes “Long ago, in the Long Beach Harbor during WW2, there was a legendary dock kitty named “Hooch”, who hung around the strip joints, dive bars and beach front oil rigs that once filled the shoreline. Hooch the Rum Cat made sure no alcohol ever went to waste when sailors passed out glass in hand. Whether it was perching on a sailor’s chest to lick the rum off his chin or standing vigil in bars to clean up any mai tais sloshed onto the floor, Hooch considered it his sacred duty to make sure not a solitary drop of rum was squandered. When Hooch wasn’t cleaning up spilled rum, he could often be found slightly tipsy, sleeping off the nights work in a rum crate. The sailors he befriended came back from the Pacific, eventually became Shriners and started their own temple. One of their first acts was to honor Hooch by inducting him as a member.”

Color: Orange, tan, and red, with a black wash

Material: Ceramic with a laminated label

Shape: Animal

Dimensions: 4″ wide x 6″ long x 5½” tall


Capacity Size: 20 fl. oz.

Unique Markings: “Rum Cat” is written on the front of this mug along with a label, “Rum” is written on the sides of this mug, “Rum Cat” is written on the back of this mug and “Eekum Bookum JM142 Horne SPFL USA” is written on the bottom of this mug. Many of these mugs are also signed and dated on the bottom with marker.

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Special Notes: A percentage of mug sale proceeds was donated to “Kitty Katchers,” a non-profit organization near Doug Horne.

Average Value = $ 365.00
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Pricing History

Average Value = $ 365.00

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