Tiki Tree God – Wooden Tiki Hut – Blue Flower Edition

Tiki Tree God – Wooden Tiki Hut – Blue Flower Edition

Date of Release: June, 2021

Edition: Blue Flower Edition

Edition Size: 30

Designed By: Baird

Sculpted By: Baird

Manufactured By: Walden Tiki Hut

Country of Origin: Canada

Location Sold: Walden Tiki Hut

Original Price: $80


This ceramic cocktail mug depicts a tree with wooden planks that form the facial features of a God. The tree appears to be drinking from the eyeball of a skull. It has a bone piercing in its nose, brilliant blue flowers, and some carved graffiti on the back of its trunk.

Description from the creator: “The great creator suckles off of the colonizers who would harvest her bounty. She is a Tree God and many of the explorers who entered her forest looking for riches have succumbed to her dominion. This ceramic mug is an homage to the Tree God and the need for us to feed her and ourselves. Ut Partum Feceris ita Metes”

Color: Mostly brown with green, blue, and white accents

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Tree



Capacity Size: 

Unique Markings: “WTH” and “C+L” are written on the back of this mug and “WALDEN tiki hut 21” is written on the bottom of this mug, along with an edition number.

Typically Served With: Blue Lagoon

Special Notes: 

Average Value = $ 80.00
(A more detailed history of average value is listed under the “Pricing History” tab above)

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Pricing History

Average Value = $ 80.00

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