Zombie Severed Skipper – Lost Temple Traders – Limited Edition

Zombie Severed Skipper – Lost Temple Traders – Limited Edition

Date of Release: November 13, 2020

Edition: Limited Edition

Edition Size: 75 this glaze; 150 this design

Designed By: Lost Temple Traders and Patrick Vassar

Sculpted By: Patrick Vassar

Manufactured By: Monkey Skull

Country of Origin: United States (FL)

Location Sold: Lost Temple Traders

Original Price: $165


This ceramic Tiki mug depicts the bust of a zombie skipper (skipper is the name given to workers of Disney’s Jungle Cruise attraction and the bartenders at Trader Sam’s). The zombie has a pale blue face and is wearing a hat and collared shirt with pockets. It’s ribcage protrudes on the back of the mug. Zombie Severed Skipper comes in two pieces- the head can be removed from the torso and both pieces can be used individually as separate mugs. The face shape of this mug is a nod to the original zombie from Night of the Living Dead, Bill Hinzman. The removable head pays homage to Ren Clark’s severed head.

Color: Mostly brown and blue

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Bust



Capacity Size: 10 fl. oz. in each half of this mug for a total capacity of 20 fl. oz.

Unique Markings: “Lost Temple Traders Monkey Skull Vassar” is written on the bottom of this mug.

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Average Value = $ 165.00
(A more detailed history of average value is listed under the “Pricing History” tab above)

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Pricing History

Average Value = $ 165.00

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